“One Habit At A Time” E-Book Release


About 2 years ago, I set a goal to write my first book. Well, it gives me great pleasure to announce its completion and that it has been released today July 19, 2010. Before I say more, I would like to give you a personal explanation of why and how this book was created.

Why I wrote One Habit At A Time:

From the instant I picked up my first health (nutrition) book, my life would dramatically change. I was about 19 years of age and I was in for the biggest shock of my life. Initially, I felt fortunate to have come across this book but at the same time, feelings of anger began to set in. I thought to myself, ‘why has no one ever taught me any of the information in this book?’ After all, this information is vital and it could improve one’s life considerably. Why were my parents not privy to this crucial information? Why did I not learn about this information in school (after 15 years of schooling)? Why were we not informed of this by the news networks or the media? After this experience, I could have easily become jaded, instead I became compelled to read on to other similar resources. Continue reading