Find Your Truth

Truth is what works.
~ William James

‘Ding Dong!’ I answer the door and I am confronted by two women who are trying to influence the people in the neighbourhood to follow their religion. They are well dressed and very polite as they engage in conversation with me. However, I am not sure if they know what they are getting themselves into. After about an hour and a half of deep discussion, one of them finally asks; “Are you a philosopher?” and so I gave this long-winded reply; “No, I am simply a free thinker who likes to philosophize. A free thinker is someone who questions everything (no exceptions). They take nothing as truth until it is thoroughly investigated and tried. When a famous scientist, world-renowned doctor or a religious leader states something as being true, it should not be taken for granted as truth. Ultimately, you, as an individual, must determine your truth.”

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