How Big Are Our Problems?

Planet SizesAs you know, it easy to become overly focused and consumed with our personal problems. We are emotional beings and problems often stir up many emotions, especially negative ones. For this reason, personal problems can leave us feeling very stressed out and drained of our vitality. Continue reading

5 Quick Tips to Lower Stress

Helpful Tips

Tip #1: Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Sounds simple, but the reality is that many people don’t get enough quality sleep. Sleep is where every aspect of our physical bodies (muscles, energy systems and organs, etc.) recharge. As a result, we cannot run our bodies efficiently (as stress-free as possible) if we fail to re-energize with quality sleep. What do most people do when they are having trouble functioning  during the day? Continue reading

A Dog and His Master – Who’s Walking Who?

As you can see in the drawing to the left, there is a person (let’s call him Steve for easy reference), walking along side his dog. Steve’s thought-bubble is cluttered with thoughts and images while the dog’s thought-bubble is clear. As they both walk through the park, the dog sees the sun and the trees up ahead but Steve sees nothing but the clutter. The dog is fully enjoying the moment while Steve is completely lost in his own mind (world). Steve is a common example of how most people live a great majority of their lives. The dog is a perfect example of mindfulness – a real zen master! This is ironic because I’ll bet you somewhere in all that clutter, Steve thinks he is the dog’s master. Continue reading

Team Spirit!

I cannot believe how quickly the Universe can change your life. About 18 months ago, I met Phil Delaire at a fitness conference and he welcomed me with open arms to join his high-performance team at the Granite Club. Thank you Phil! Since then I have focused all my efforts on establishing myself at the club and doing this has been extremely fun. I have met so many wonderful people and developed some great friendships with colleagues, members and clients. I could not imagine a better place to work. And I say the word ‘work‘ lightly because it does not even feel like it at all.

As fun as these past 18 months have been, I really miss writing and I look forward to starting up again. Recently, I was very inspired by my colleague Mark Mancino (a.k.a. The Real Food Guy). Mark was behind the 30 Day Real Food Challenge which was supposed to only bring together 20-30 people and amazingly, Continue reading