5 Simple Habits To Boost the Quality of Your Sleep

Bear Insomnia Cartoon1. Avoid Stimulants Before Bedtime

The autonomic nervous system is divided into 2 main parts – sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) and parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest). These 2 systems have an antagonistic relationship. For instance, you cannot be in a heated argument and completely relaxed at the same time. Stimulants activate the sympathetic nervous system (S.N.S) and will disrupt the quality of your sleep which is a parasympathetic nervous system (P.N.S) activity. Some common stimulants to avoid before bedtime are caffeinated drinks, bright lights and extreme emotional highs (such as heated arguments). Before bedtime, it is best to make the habit of creating an environment of relaxation. Continue reading

Don’t Hate, Debate

DebateNotHateOne day I was talking to a colleague and she asked me if I would like to support Breast Cancer Research with a donation. I politely said no thank you. Now I had my reasons but I kept them to myself because I know it can be a touchy subject. However, she insisted that I share my reasons and so I did. As I began to list my reasons, she freaked out and began to verbally attack me. She cried and accused me of not caring. She also said that I didn’t know how it felt to lose someone close to me from this disease as had happened to her. I felt terrible so I tried to explain myself, however, the more I tried, the worse the situation became. She told me never to speak to her again. Continue reading