CarlJungQuoteLast night I had an interesting dream. I was walking through some sort of party and I came across a guy who looked at me strangely, almost as if he knew me. So I smiled at him and said “hello”. He smiled back and reached out to shake my hand. I shook his hand and noticed that he could hardly stay up on his feet. He was extremely drunk. I asked him if he needed some help and he said, “yes, can you wait for me until my friend gets back?” He was afraid of passing out. “Of course I will”, I replied. Continue reading

Avoid This Habit at All Cost!


Every endeavour you embark on will bring challenges. Do you want to improve your health…your business…your relationships? No matter what your goals are, you will need to welcome and embrace all the challenges which lie ahead. Sometimes these challenges take days, weeks or even months to overcome. Sometimes these challenges will knock you down onto your knees or completely off your feet. However, it’s up to you to get back up and keep pushing forward.

But how? Continue reading