Avoid This Habit at All Cost!


Every endeavour you embark on will bring challenges. Do you want to improve your health…your business…your relationships? No matter what your goals are, you will need to welcome and embrace all the challenges which lie ahead. Sometimes these challenges take days, weeks or even months to overcome. Sometimes these challenges will knock you down onto your knees or completely off your feet. However, it’s up to you to get back up and keep pushing forward.

But how?

1) You must first get rid of the habit of quitting. If you have this habit then I can assure you that none of your goals will be reached. Every time you face any type of significant resistance or adversity, this habit will stop you dead in your tracks. You will tuck your tail in between your legs, so to speak, and run back in the opposite direction. We have all experienced this before in one way or another and it’s definitely not the outcome we hope for. Therefore, get rid of this habit and do not make quitting an option.

2) View all obstacles as challenges and all setbacks as temporary defeats. Sometimes it only takes a small change in perspective to make a huge difference in our motivational drive. Personally, I never liked the word obstacle because it sounds too absolute. Instead, I view all obstacles as challenges which can be overcome. In the same way, any setback should be viewed as a temporary defeat and not as failure. Again, the word failure is too absolute. Failure only occurs when you quit striving toward your goals. In other words, nothing but quitting can stop you from being successful.

3) Replace the habit of quitting with the habit of determination. The dictionary defines determination as a resolute movement towards some object or end. This means you do not stop or quit until you have reached your goal. Therefore, I will leave you with this question to meditate on: If you replaced the habit of quitting with the habit of determination, is there any challenge you could not overcome or any goal you could not accomplish?


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