Team Spirit!

I cannot believe how quickly the Universe can change your life. About 18 months ago, I met Phil Delaire at a fitness conference and he welcomed me with open arms to join his high-performance team at the Granite Club. Thank you Phil! Since then I have focused all my efforts on establishing myself at the club and doing this has been extremely fun. I have met so many wonderful people and developed some great friendships with colleagues, members and clients. I could not imagine a better place to work. And I say the word ‘work‘ lightly because it does not even feel like it at all.

As fun as these past 18 months have been, I really miss writing and I look forward to starting up again. Recently, I was very inspired by my colleague Mark Mancino (a.k.a. The Real Food Guy). Mark was behind the 30 Day Real Food Challenge which was supposed to only bring together 20-30 people and amazingly, Continue reading