Don’t Give Up!

Do Not Give UpYour habits can be your best asset or your greatest liability. The choice is yours. Fortunately, we all have the ability to develop any habit we choose. However, with all development comes resistance and the greatest resistance is always in the beginning. Why? It requires the most energy.

For instance, yesterday I took my 4-year-old-son Julian outside for a bike ride. I have watched him over the years struggle and conquer this challenge. What you notice is that the most difficult part of riding is getting the bike moving forward once it has stopped. It is where the greatest effort must be summoned and applied. He actually inspired me to write this post because he likes to sing a song he learned from Thomas (the train) and Friends whenever he gets stuck. It’s a song called “Determination” and the main chorus states “Don’t give up, show determination!”

Why does he continue to struggle and push through this great resistance? He knows there is an even greater reward! The thrill of riding the bike once it gets moving is worth all the effort. The problem with many people developing constructive habits is that they shy away from the struggle. They give up before they get the bike moving, so to speak. In other words, they quit before they experience the benefits.

This is not good because all they will remember is the struggle. With exercise, they will only remember the nausea, fatigue and muscle soreness. This causes a mental block any time they think about developing the same habit again. Thoughts such as; “I hate exercise”, “It’s not for me”, and “There is no point” begin to take over. Therefore, when developing a habit, make sure to push through the resistance until you experience at least some of the benefits. Once you have experienced all there is to experience with a habit then you can decide whether or not you would like to include it in your lifestyle.

And if you ever get stuck, please remember these words: “Don’t give up, show determination!”

2 thoughts on “Don’t Give Up!

  1. Love it broheim! I can relate to every word of this post, both from a personal and professional perspective. This is one I can and will share with my peeps to help maintain their determination along their lifestyle modification journey.

    Thanks for the ongoing inspiration Sal.

    • Thank you Mark! It’s definitely an on-going effort when it involves lifestyle modifications such as the real food journey you promote.

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