How Big Are Our Problems?

Planet SizesAs you know, it easy to become overly focused and consumed with our personal problems. We are emotional beings and problems often stir up many emotions, especially negative ones. For this reason, personal problems can leave us feeling very stressed out and drained of our vitality.

Every thought we think usually triggers an emotion. Positive thoughts trigger positive emotions and negative thoughts trigger negative emotions. When we are consumed by a personal problem, our minds run in high gear trying to find a solution. Thousands of thoughts whirl around in circles, like a giant tornado, which causes a huge release of emotions (mood swings). Is this the best mindset to be solving problems?

Of course not!

You would want to be cool, calm and collected. And there is no better way to get into this state of being than by practicing meditation. Meditating will help you get through the emotional storms of personal problems. There are several meditative exercises you can use but here is one that I like to use. It is a perspective meditation.

Get into a comfortable position. Clear your mind of all thoughts and focus only on breathing and relaxing (if thoughts of your problems re-enter your mind at anytime, clear them again and bring your attention back to your breathing/relaxing). Once you have taken 10-20 breaths and you feel relaxed, you can begin the perspective visualization. Close your eyes and visualize that you have stepped outside of your body. You are looking down at yourself from about 6 feet high. After a few breaths, zoom out (like a camera) a little further and visualize watching yourself from an even higher point of view. Repeat this step a number of times and go as far as your imagination takes you.

The picture I shared in this post shows great perspective using our solar system. If you are interested, there are several videos on Youtube that take this even further (in scale) showing size comparisons of stars where our Sun gets dwarfed by other stars in the galaxy.

But how does this technique help? It not only puts our lives and problems into perspective, but it activates our creative mind (right side of our brain) which is more directly connected to the Infinite Intelligence (the Creator of the universe). As a result, we will get access to ideas/solutions that cannot be found in the logical mind (left side of our brain). If we have access to a source of infinite intelligence, is there any problem we could not solve?

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