Learn It Then Earn It

“The world does not pay men (people) for that which they “know”. It pays them for what they do, or induce others to do.”
~Napoleon Hill

Knowledge is power when it is applied. You would be surprised at how often this truth is overlooked or forgotten. There is nothing more important to success than taking action and applying what you know. For instance, almost everyone knows that exercise or drinking an ample supply of water are very important for their health, yet many people fail to do both of these actions on a daily basis. Just knowing exercise can get you fit, will not get you fit. You must exercise in order to benefit from this knowledge.

The opening quote uses the word ‘pay(s)’ but this truthful statement applies to multiple areas of life so I would actually replace this word with ‘reward(s)’. You can earn rewards in your finances, health and relationships, to name a few, through the means of constructive action. Constructive action is applying what you know will be beneficial for your career, health or business, etc. In business, it is not simply the most knowledgeable people that succeed. In fact, there are lots of people who are brilliant (understand the business they are in exceptionally well) yet fail miserably because they do not make constructive use of their faculties.

As a personal example; I remember taking course after course to develop myself in my profession. I wanted to be one of the best personal trainers in Toronto. However, I noticed that the more educational courses I took, the less busy I became in my business. Why? I fell into a common trap. I became overly focused on attaining knowledge and, at the same time, neglected action. Something strange happens while you are in this trap. You begin to feel a sense of entitlement. You somehow believe the world owes you success because you have worked hard to attain this knowledge. Well, if you are in this trap, please note the following: The world rewards constructive action not knowledge (alone). Knowledge plus action equals constructive action and constructive action leads to success! You could have numerous PhD’s, name all the correct answers (questions) on Jeopardy and recite the entire Encyclopedia, but unless you put this knowledge into action, it will all be for nothing. Remember, knowledge without action will not get you very far.

For those of you who have fallen into this trap; do not be concerned. The attainment of knowledge is a worthy action and it requires many strong attributes such as hard work, discipline and perseverance. Therefore, anyone who has these attributes can easily shift their focus onto the application of knowledge and ultimately, succeed. In closing, it is far more advantageous to take a balanced approach where first, you attain knowledge (gather seeds) and second, you apply it (sow them). If you follow this approach, you will inevitably reap success (an abundant garden).


Sal Crispo
Holistic Health Practitioner and Educator

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