Motherhood: The Most Difficult Job in the World!

Mom JugglingI find it very disappointing when a stay-at-home mom is embarrassed to tell others of her line of work. Unfortunately, we live in a society today where this job is so underrated and undervalued. I do not understand how this has happened as I believe mothering is the most demanding and important job in the world. They are the ones who raise us and instill most of our constructive habits. Without Mothers, this world would completely fall apart.

How did you learn to put on your shoes? Who taught you your manners? Who always makes sure that you have clean clothes to wear which you could find nicely ironed and folded in your room? Who cooks dinner and makes sure your lunch is packed for school? Who made sure you got your homework done? I could go on and on. Frankly, mothers are the closest thing that I know to real-life superheros.

Why do we put so much pressure on women to juggle mothering and a career at the same time? If a woman wishes to juggle a career with motherhood then this is fantastic but it should not be viewed as better (or worse) than mothers who choose to focus solely on mothering. So the next time you hear a mother reluctantly state that she is only a stay-at-home mom, please give her the respect she deserves and make her feel great about this incredible line of work. We really need to shift our perspective. We should make women feel proud to be a stay-at-home mom and eliminate the unnecessary societal pressure of juggling a career.

Today is an amazing day as we get to thank and appreciate these super women in our lives. I like to wish all the hard working mothers especially my wife, my mom and my Mother-in-law (yes, we actually get along very well) a Happy Mother’s Day!

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