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About 2 years ago, I set a goal to write my first book. Well, it gives me great pleasure to announce its completion and that it has been released today July 19, 2010. Before I say more, I would like to give you a personal explanation of why and how this book was created.

Why I wrote One Habit At A Time:

From the instant I picked up my first health (nutrition) book, my life would dramatically change. I was about 19 years of age and I was in for the biggest shock of my life. Initially, I felt fortunate to have come across this book but at the same time, feelings of anger began to set in. I thought to myself, ‘why has no one ever taught me any of the information in this book?’ After all, this information is vital and it could improve one’s life considerably. Why were my parents not privy to this crucial information? Why did I not learn about this information in school (after 15 years of schooling)? Why were we not informed of this by the news networks or the media? After this experience, I could have easily become jaded, instead I became compelled to read on to other similar resources.

As I furthered my research, I quickly discovered that the information presented in that first book was only the very tip of the iceberg. After college, I found myself reading more and more books on health and fitness. To say the least, I really enjoyed learning about these subjects. In fact, I was so fascinated with health and fitness that I became a personal trainer. Simply put, I loved helping people, so this vocation suited my disposition.
As a personal trainer, I continued to educate myself through various schools of thought in order to broaden my scope on these subject matters. As a result, I had so many questions but all too often, the answers to these questions would lead to even more questions. In truth, the more I learned, the greater my thirst for knowledge increased. Eventually, I was fortunate enough to come across an individual by the name of Paul Chek, founder of the CHEK institute. Paul’s teachings reached far beyond fitness and delved deeply into holistic health.

Holistic health is the most complete approach to health and wellness. It not only addresses posture, fitness and nutrition (physical), but it encompasses all 3 areas of the human being – physical, mental, and spiritual. Needless to say, this opened up a whole new world to me and I was extremely excited to explore it. After completing several of Paul’s courses (certifications), I acquired a fundamental understanding of holistic health. Also, because I had only been focusing on the physical part of my life, I began developing the mental and spiritual areas as well.

I knew then that in order to help others, I must first, help myself. I had to become a living example of holistic health. So I continued to read, study and practice holistic health and the more I did, the more invaluable the information I discovered. In truth, I found the processes of researching, self-educating and practicing exhilarating. I felt like an explorer on an adventure searching for lost or hidden treasures. And just like Indiana Jones, I found some magnificent treasures indeed! However, unlike the treasures of the Indiana Jones movies, these treasures can enrich everyone (not just a few) as they are powerful beyond measure.

As I learned of these treasures, I immediately began to implement them into my own life. And with each principle that I applied, my life became richer and richer in body, mind and spirit. [I cannot emphasize enough, how much better my life is now that I am living a holistically balanced lifestyle. In truth, in order to fully understand the difference holistic health can have on your life, you must experience it for yourself.] Likewise, family, friends, and clients etc., who listened to my advice and adopted these principles, were successful in improving their life. This is because these principles are built upon Universal Laws and ‘Universal’ means they apply to everyone, without exception!

After experiencing such positive results, I felt a strong passion forming within my heart, where I wanted to start educating others about these principles on a larger scale – worldwide. And this is where the idea to write a book initiated. With the magic of the internet, I knew that almost anyone in the world would have access to my book and would have the opportunity to learn these teachings. As a result, my mind was set and with great excitement I began this endeavour.

At that point, I began to think of exactly what kind of book I would write. In order to do this, I had to figure out the purpose or the intention behind the book. To put it simply, this book was created with the following intention – to empower and enrich others, physically, mentally and spiritually, so that they may live a higher quality of life. Furthermore, I thought back to the time when I first picked up that nutrition book and the impact it had on me. If something as simple as a book about nutrition could generate such a profound awakening within my life, I imagined how much of a positive impact a book on holistic health (body, mind and spirit) could have on others.

How I wrote One Habit At A Time:

In order to fulfill the objective of the book, I decided to use a simple writing style. In doing so, I could clearly convey my teachings in a way that every reader could understand and benefit from them. To ensure the book was clear, I needed a remarkable editor. Fortunately, I am blessed to have a close relative, Luca Ciciarelli, who is skilled in the art of editing. With his assistance, I strongly believe that I have created a clear and easy-to-read book.

To truly live a holistically healthy and successful life, one must learn to integrate and balance 3 main areas – body, mind and spirit. In this book, which I named One Habit At A Time, I present 9 (3 physical, 3 mental, and 3 spiritual) of the most essential habits one can adopt to live a healthy, happy, and successful life. To ensure that these habits will be adopted by the reader (not just read and left aside), I teach an easy-to-use method for habit development. This method is fool-proof. It does not matter how busy you are, you can use this method at any time, regardless of what you are doing. Not only will this method not interfere with your daily routine, it will enhance everything you do throughout your day and that’s a promise. I have tested and continue to use this method with my clients and with myself, and it has proven, time and again, to be very efficient and effective for habit development.

As previously mentioned, I wanted to write a book that would have a tremendously positive and life-changing impact on anyone who read it. Also, I wanted to offer the reader the opportunity to learn how to live a holistically balanced and successful life. To ensure that I achieved both, I asked one of the leading experts in holistic health and wellness, my mentor, Paul Chek, to review my teachings for soundness of thought. To my great fortune, he not only carried forth this task, but he graciously accepted my request to write the Foreword for One Habit At A Time. To say the least, I am ecstatic to have him be a part of this book which is so dear to me.

For now, One Habit At A Time is only available as an e-book (PDF file). It can be read on your computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader which you can download for free at http://get.adobe.com/reader/. Once you download the reader, you have the option to read it on your computer or if you prefer, you can print the book and read it on paper. You can get your copy of the One Habit At A Time e-book at www.habitwatch.ca. The logo, e-book cover and website was designed and created by Eric Favata (Fava Media).

I look forward to hearing your thoughts about One Habit At A Time. I hope you enjoy it and may it empower and enrich your life, just as it was intended to do.

With love and respect,

Sal Crispo
Holistic Health Practitioner and Educator

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