One Habit At A Time

Book-Cover_Final_NEWIs One Habit At A Time a self-help book?

Personally, I do not like the term self-help. I prefer the term self-growth or self-development. I know it is simply a choice of words, but I feel that the word growth communicates an ongoing process where as the word help, communicates a temporary process. Also, the word help can be mistaken as ‘there is something wrong with me and I need help’. If Tiger Woods were to purchase a book on improving his golf swing, it does not necessarily mean he needs help. He is arguably the best golfer on the planet! Yet, Tiger knows he can always grow or develop into a better golfer. Similarly, each one of us can continually grow and develop into a better version of ourselves. And that’s what this book promotes.

Book-BackCover_Final_NEWWhat is One Habit At A Time about?

One Habit At A Time is an educational book that teaches the fundamental principles of holistic health and constructive habit development. Holistic health is a complete and balanced approach to living life as it encompasses the 3 main areas of the human being – physical, mental and spiritual. In order to live a healthy, happy and successful life, one must learn to incorporate and integrate their body, mind and spirit as failing to do so, will prove to be unfavourable. I present 3 habits for each part that will have a significant, positive impact on anyone who chooses to adopt them. How?

For one, every habit presented in One Habit At A Time has a stress reducing effect. In truth, by adopting these habits, your stress levels will fall considerably. When applied, these habits allow you to take control of your stress. Why does one need to manage their stress? There are several reasons why you would want to manage your stress levels, however the most important reason is for your health. Stress is the number one cause of disease such as cancer, heart disease and obesity etc. Therefore, it is crucial that we manage our stress or we will lose our health. How can one be happy or successful in life if they lose their health?

In the book, I describe how the body, mind and spirit are a 3 player team. You are the coach of this team. If you do not use all 3 of these players, you will be short-handed and your chances of success are limited. Also, being a coach means you have to ensure that these 3 players are following your game plan and working together toward the same purpose. To further increase your chances of success, a coach should ensure that these 3 players are strong, healthy and fit. Advantageously, the habits I present in One Habit At A Time, ensure your team will be in tremendous shape and ready for any challenge!

What will I learn from One Habit At A Time?

– How to successfully integrate and balance your physical, mental and spiritual parts of your being

– How to bring more of any emotion such as confidence, joy, and peace into your life.

– How to successfully develop any constructive habit

– How to create wonderful and powerful relationships

– How to reduce stress and protect yourself from disease

– How to discover your life purpose and attain your heart’s desires

– How to take full control of your mind and create the life of your dreams

– And much more!

Who should read One Habit At A Time?

From a marketing perspective, it would be disastrous to state that One Habit At A Time is for everyone. Therefore, if I had to choose a specific reader, I would recommend this book to anyone willing to change or improve their current life situation. One Habit At A Time is for people who wish to become successful in all areas of life – health, wealth, relationships, etc. Further, it is for people that want to live life authentically and to the fullest. Okay, this is still a vague description so I will list some possible readers below.

Parents and their children:

During the initial stages of writing this book, my lovely wife gave me some wonderful and unforgettable news. She said “You are going to be a Father!” To say the least, this news inspired me greatly in my writing. Actually, I would often imagine myself writing to this unborn child. What would I want him or her to know about life? What is the most valuable information I can put forth for this child so that they could live a complete life? And this is what I did!

Children (and adults) are constantly being bombarded with useless and often, negative information. As parents, it can be very difficult to stop these negative influences from entering their innocent minds. However, reading positive books is one of the best ways to combat the constant influx of negativity. Essentially, One Habit At A Time offers several techniques to protect oneself against negative influences. For this reason, I recommend parents read this book to their children (or have their children read this book).

Health Professionals:

– Holistic Health Practitioners can help their clients develop the many principles and habits of holistic health and living

– Yoga instructors can use this method to help their clients practice awareness, posture and breathing etc.

– CHEK Practitioners can help their clients build the CHEK fundamental principles for a healthier lifestyle

– Chiropractors and Osteopaths can help their clients build good habits for spinal health

– Doctors, Naturopathic/Homeopathic Doctors and Nutritionists can help their clients build a variety of nutritional and lifestyle habits

– Dentists and TMJ Practitioners can help their clients rid the habits of teeth clenching and grinding

– And much more!

What sets One Habit At A Time apart from other books?


First of all, I wrote the book with following quote in mind.

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex… It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.”

~ Albert Einstein

Now I realize this quote may be a little abrasive, but I used the underlying message – keep things simple. Since I aspired to write a book that would be a positive influence to anyone who read it, I ensured to maintain a simple writing style throughout. After all, what is the point of writing to the whole world if only 5% of it can understand your messages? Furthermore, in order for information to be useful, it has to be clearly understood. This is why simplicity was the primary step.


Experience has taught me that most people fail at the application stage of habit development. For instance, a lot of people know that on average, 8 glasses of water a day is essential for their wellbeing, however, dehydration continues to be a common problem in this world. Why? Simply put, most people rarely apply what they know! For this reason, I teach a method of habit development in this book that significantly increases one’s chances of applying the habits they are trying to develop. Most importantly, this method is easy-to-use, practical and no matter how busy you are, you can use this method at any time, regardless of what you are doing. In fact, not only will this method not interfere with your daily routine, it will enhance everything you do throughout your day.


My motto of success is multi-faceted. It reaches far beyond just financial independence or material acquisitions. Of course these things are an important part of being successful, however real success is having abundance in all that is good. Here is a list of some of the things I present in One Habit At A Time as part of living a successful life:

– Healthy, strong and fit (physically, mentally and spiritually)
– Free of pain, disease or any other form of stress/discomfort
– Educated and aware
– Emotional balance and control
– Financial independence
– Wonderful and authentic relationships
– Purpose driven
– Creating a legacy
– Being a positive force and having great character traits
– Having success habits
– And much more


One Habit At A Time is a book about choice. It does not tell you what to do or what to choose, it only offers suggestions. Ultimately, it is up to you to choose the habits you develop. One Habit At A Time acts as a guide. It does however, inform you of the consequences of choice. How exactly? I like using the following metaphor to describe what I mean. I will suggest that you should not put your hand on a hot stove. You always have the choice to do so or not. However, before you make that decision, I would like to inform you about the consequence of getting burned. Once you are aware of the consequences, I have fulfilled my duty and now the choice is up to you. And this is my methodology of teaching.

How can I purchase One Habit At A Time?

One Habit at a Time is available to purchase as a paperback or downloadable e-book.


Paperback Version – $23.97 CDN
The Paperback version is available through Amazon. Click here to purchase your copy.

Ebook Version – $17.99 CDN
The downloadable Ebook can be purchased using PayPal. Once payment is received, an email will be sent with the download link.


If you have any more questions about the book, please write to me at

Sal Crispo
Holistic Health Practitioner and Educator

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