CarlJungQuoteLast night I had an interesting dream. I was walking through some sort of party and I came across a guy who looked at me strangely, almost as if he knew me. So I smiled at him and said “hello”. He smiled back and reached out to shake my hand. I shook his hand and noticed that he could hardly stay up on his feet. He was extremely drunk. I asked him if he needed some help and he said, “yes, can you wait for me until my friend gets back?” He was afraid of passing out. “Of course I will”, I replied. Continue reading

Avoid This Habit at All Cost!


Every endeavour you embark on will bring challenges. Do you want to improve your health…your business…your relationships? No matter what your goals are, you will need to welcome and embrace all the challenges which lie ahead. Sometimes these challenges take days, weeks or even months to overcome. Sometimes these challenges will knock you down onto your knees or completely off your feet. However, it’s up to you to get back up and keep pushing forward.

But how? Continue reading

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

Murray WimbledonI woke up this morning and eagerly anticipated watching the Wimbledon Men’s final. It is always a tremendous achievement to get to the final but to win it is an entirely different feat. Last year, Andy Murray was left in tears as Roger Federer snatched the trophy from him in the final. This year however, Murray showed what true grit and perseverance can bring – ecstasy and success. He defeated the number 1 player in the world, Novak Djokovic, and became the first British player to win Wimbledon since Fred Perry in 1936. If at first you do not succeed, try and try again. Congratulations Andy! Continue reading

5 Simple Habits To Boost the Quality of Your Sleep

Bear Insomnia Cartoon1. Avoid Stimulants Before Bedtime

The autonomic nervous system is divided into 2 main parts – sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) and parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest). These 2 systems have an antagonistic relationship. For instance, you cannot be in a heated argument and completely relaxed at the same time. Stimulants activate the sympathetic nervous system (S.N.S) and will disrupt the quality of your sleep which is a parasympathetic nervous system (P.N.S) activity. Some common stimulants to avoid before bedtime are caffeinated drinks, bright lights and extreme emotional highs (such as heated arguments). Before bedtime, it is best to make the habit of creating an environment of relaxation. Continue reading

Don’t Hate, Debate

DebateNotHateOne day I was talking to a colleague and she asked me if I would like to support Breast Cancer Research with a donation. I politely said no thank you. Now I had my reasons but I kept them to myself because I know it can be a touchy subject. However, she insisted that I share my reasons and so I did. As I began to list my reasons, she freaked out and began to verbally attack me. She cried and accused me of not caring. She also said that I didn’t know how it felt to lose someone close to me from this disease as had happened to her. I felt terrible so I tried to explain myself, however, the more I tried, the worse the situation became. She told me never to speak to her again. Continue reading

Stupid Fish?

Fish-climbing-a-treeBack when I was in Grade 4, I had a teacher yell at me for taking too long to write. Actually, I will never forget her words; “You are the King of the slowpokes!”, she exclaimed in front of the whole class. I cannot fully express  how embarrassed and defeated I felt that day. She never bothered to find out why. You see, I was more focused on trying to make my writing style look artistic. This is normal for someone who is right-brain dominant (right-brain dominance is also especially common in children). Continue reading

Motherhood: The Most Difficult Job in the World!

Mom JugglingI find it very disappointing when a stay-at-home mom is embarrassed to tell others of her line of work. Unfortunately, we live in a society today where this job is so underrated and undervalued. I do not understand how this has happened as I believe mothering is the most demanding and important job in the world. They are the ones who raise us and instill most of our constructive habits. Without Mothers, this world would completely fall apart. Continue reading

Shower Power!

Lao Tzu QuoteThe mind, just like the body and soul, should not be neglected. When you wake up in the morning, do you wash your body? Do you brush your teeth? What happens if you don’t? Obviously you will stink. Now imagine going to work in this condition. How could you work with others or meet with clients? Do you think you would make a great impression if you were out on a date with a special person? As you can easily see, not cleansing your body can have an endless amount of negative repercussions. In the same way, not cleansing your mind on a daily basis can be disastrous. Continue reading

How Big Are Our Problems?

Planet SizesAs you know, it easy to become overly focused and consumed with our personal problems. We are emotional beings and problems often stir up many emotions, especially negative ones. For this reason, personal problems can leave us feeling very stressed out and drained of our vitality. Continue reading