Shower Power!

Lao Tzu QuoteThe mind, just like the body and soul, should not be neglected. When you wake up in the morning, do you wash your body? Do you brush your teeth? What happens if you don’t? Obviously you will stink. Now imagine going to work in this condition. How could you work with others or meet with clients? Do you think you would make a great impression if you were out on a date with a special person? As you can easily see, not cleansing your body can have an endless amount of negative repercussions. In the same way, not cleansing your mind on a daily basis can be disastrous.

Mindfulness meditation is the act of cleansing your mind of all thoughts. It is where you wipe the canvas (mind) clean of all negative or stinky thoughts (paint). How can you paint (create) a beautiful picture (day) if your canvas is a mess? Let’s say, for example, that you have a very important meeting with a client or a date with a special someone. You would want to wipe away any thoughts of doubt and then paint (visualize) images of success. If not, those thoughts of doubt can grow in intensity and wreak havoc on your mood, energy and entire day.

We are powerful beings. With our minds, we have the ability to think or visualize anything and then, by following through with affirmative action, we can create it. So why not think and visualize the best for ourselves…for our loved ones…for the planet? If our thoughts help create each day then we have a great responsibility to keep them clean. This practice is essential and here is a simple habit you can do each morning to ensure your mind is ready to create a beautiful masterpiece.

Most of us do not have any time to spare in the morning so here is how you can kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. When you are in the shower, enter into a mindful state and visualize yourself washing away all negativity from your body, mind and energy field. This mindfulness exercise can have a tremendous impact on your life. Try it and see.

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Have a wonderful Sunday!

Sal Crispo

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