Stupid Fish?

Fish-climbing-a-treeBack when I was in Grade 4, I had a teacher yell at me for taking too long to write. Actually, I will never forget her words; “You are the King of the slowpokes!”, she exclaimed in front of the whole class. I cannot fully express  how embarrassed and defeated I felt that day. She never bothered to find out why. You see, I was more focused on trying to make my writing style look artistic. This is normal for someone who is right-brain dominant (right-brain dominance is also especially common in children).

Situations and comments like these can have a long-lasting impression on a developing mind. It took me a very long time to heal this wound and become confident and comfortable in my writing. How did I heal and overcome this emotionally-challenging situation?


After leaving school (college), I began to read. No not your typical, academic text books which were great at putting me to sleep. I started reading about subjects which actually made an immediate impact on my life. I immersed myself in books on nutrition and exercise. As a result, I started eating real food and getting fit. Once I had a comprehensive understanding of the physical body, I began reading about developing and strengthening the mind. And finally, I delved into the theory and practice of spirituality.

Through this process, I discovered my inner genius. I was no longer a fish trying to climb a tree, so to speak. I knew I had a strong passion and a great ability to educate others on developing the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of their being. And so I did.

I went from being “The King of the slowpokes” to an author of a book which is helping people to live happier and healthier lives. And this is what I want you to take from this post. Even though your teacher, parent or manager, etc., is not able to see it, everyone has an inner genius. Everyone has the ability to shine and excel at something to a degree beyond human comprehension at times. It is only a matter of introspection and self-discovery. No one should ever be labelled or called stupid. If you have not seen the movie “Forest Gump”, I highly recommend it. You will see how much a so called “stupid man” can accomplish.



2 thoughts on “Stupid Fish?

  1. Well said Brofo! I can absolutely relate to your experience. Rather than respect and encourage a child’s individual differences or “idiosyncrasies” and help them find their “inner genius”, we more often than not try to mold them to fit our standards or paradigm. Fortunately the strong persevere and overcome these unfortunate moments and go on to great personal and professional successes. You my friend hove done that and more!

    Thank you for sharing so openly what I am sure remains a painful memory for you. Your story will certainly help me become a more conscious parent!

    • Thanks Mark and fantastic comment! I appreciate your insight and I totally agree with respecting and encouraging children’s differences. I am with you as well with keeping this in mind as a parent. As parents, it is easy to fall into the trap of expecting too much of our children or pushing them too hard.

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